Spesialutgave om MCT publiseres i Frontiers in Psyhology

Vi anbefaler alle som er interesser i MCT å ta en titt på lenken nedenfor. I disse dager publiseres en spesialutgave i Frontiers in Psychology bestående av artikler som omhandler MCT eller MCT-relaterte tema. Alle artiklene er fritt tilgjengelig for alle.



Metacognitive Therapy: Science and Practice of a Paradigm

"Metacognitive therapy (MCT) is an effective treatment that is grounded in the metacognitive model of psychological disorder; a transdiagnostic empirically based information-processing model of self-regulation. Research in MCT is progressing rapidly, with emerging studies highlighting the significant potential for understanding and treating a wide range of psychological disorders. In particular, a recent meta-analysis has suggested that MCT is more effective than cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). While MCT has shown demonstrable efficacy across a range of psychological disorders further research continues in evaluating its theory of psychological causal processes, mechanisms of change, stress vulnerability, individual differences, and treatment effectiveness. This Research Topic will bring together new data from international researchers in metacognitive theory and therapy. Our specific focus ison new advances in the science of metacognitive theory and therapy across psychological disorders. In this pursuit we will consider different types of high quality manuscripts including research articles on clinical and analogue populations, investigating core causal and maintenance mechanisms and processes, utilizing experimental and quasi-experimental designs, clinical trials, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews of treatment outcomes."