Welcome to the Norwegian Branch for Metacognitive Therapy

NFMKT is the Norwegian department of “The Metacognitive Therapy Institute (MCT-I)”. MCT-I was founded by Professor Adrian Wells at the University of Manchester, England, and Professor Hans M. Nordahl at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. MCT-I works to develop effective psychological treatment methods and to train therapists in these methods.

The Norwegian Association for Metacognitive Therapy (NFMKT) is a community of interest for all those who work with mental disorders and who have a special interest in Metacognitive Therapy (MKT) in Norway.

Membership means that the official 2-year education in MKT must be started; MCT masterclass level 1.

NFMKT seeks to help strengthen Norwegian therapists’ competence and quality in the performance of MKT.

What is MCT & What disorders can it treat?

MCT is an effective and regulated evidence based psychotherapy. It requires standardised professional training to become an MCT Institute registered therapist. To find a registered therapist see our registered therapist page.


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